Make a Difference in Your Community By Referring Someone to NCHS

Helping People Navigate Unexpected Pregnancies

Referring a family to NCHS’ Pregnancy Services program provides them with compassionate support and a wide range of essential resources. NCHS offers expert counseling, crisis intervention, intervention services, case management, mentoring programs, and more for families that are pregnant or considering adoption for their child.

With NCHS as an advocate in a family’s corner, they can trust that they will receive high-quality support from experienced professionals invested in their success.

If you need immediate assistance, please contact us at 877.420.4747.

By referring families to Pregnancy Services, they’ll gain:

  • Assistance to Accessing Prenatal Care
  • Connections to Community Resources
  • Guidance and Legal Information
  • Information on Parenting and Adoption
  • Temporary Newborn Care
  • One-on-one Ongoing Support Services

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