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There are many ways for you to get involved in our mission. Your sponsorship benefits both you and your community.

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Are you ready to help NCHS create a loving and bright future for the children and families in your community? Check out the events we have coming up for sponsorship opportunities and get started on making a difference in a child’s life!


Partners with human service organizations worldwide to improve service delivery outcomes by developing, applying and promoting accreditation standards. NCHS has been accredited by COA since March 1, 2008.

Nebraska Children’s Home Society meets the BBB’s 20 Standards of Charity Accountability. A BBB staff member has examined each of our financial statements, fundraising materials and annual reports.

Gold Tier Sponsors

NCHS is honored to have established a strong relationship with amazing sponsors like the ones below. Thanks to their support, we’ve been able to work towards making a positive change in the lives of children and families for over a century.

Children’s Home Society of America is a national nonprofit leader and advocate dedicated to improving the lives of children and families in America.

CAFCON shapes policies and services for the betterment of children, youth and families in Nebraska.

FFTA and its members work with a network of national and state child welfare advocacy organizations, researchers, mental health professionals, child welfare advisers, and policymakers to ensure that vulnerable children and youth receive community-based supports and services.

GuideStar provides information that advances transparency, enables users to make better decisions, and encourages charitable giving.

A coalition of non-profit adoption agencies licensed by the State of Nebraska. Our agencies’ staffing policies and procedures meet the regulations set forth by the state of Nebraska and the Child Welfare League Association.


The Guidelines and Principles provide legal compliance and best practices information in 12 major areas of nonprofit management.

Facilitate collaborations and partnerships throughout the nonprofit community in Lincoln.

A collaboration of community and county agencies, organizations, business, public entities, and individuals working together to improve the continuum of services for children/youth and families.

Builds collaboration among agencies, networks, and the broader community to find innovative solutions to improve the quality of life of people and communities in and around Norfolk, Nebraska.

A relationship-based, non-profit neutral collaborative organization whose foundation is its membership from across the Nebraska Panhandle region.

Cause Collective’s mission is to strengthen nonprofits to better serve the community through collaboration, education and advocacy.

The Institute is a national effort that capitalizes on Children Home Society’s 118-year history of providing direct services for families associated with the child welfare system.

Silver Tier Sponsors

NCHS has formed a network of partnerships and affiliations in an effort to fulfill our mission of putting children first. We feel blessed to have such strong support from sponsors all over the state of Nebraska. Take a look at a few of our sponsors below.

Grant, Funders, And Partners

Through a variety of grants, fundraising initiatives, and partnerships, NCHS is able to invest in the well-being of parents, caregivers, and children all over the state of Nebraska. NCHS and our partners share the combined goal of building a bright, successful future for all children.

Chamber of Commerce Memberships