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Families come in all shapes and sizes

At NCHS, we begin and end with children. While our focus is squarely on children’s needs and care, without supporting the adults and families who love them, we cannot make a difference. Every family is unique and our goal is to walk with you to what success looks like for YOUR family. From pregnancy counseling and early childhood education to kinship care and caregiver support, our supportive family advocates will guide you to your path.

Pregnancy Services

Get the support you need

Pregnancy turns the whole world upside down, whether meticulously planned or unintentional. Get support, learn your options, and create space to make the right decision for your life.

Our pregnancy specialists offer a listening ear, then guide those experiencing unplanned pregnancies to available services and resources.

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Parent & Caregiver Support

Challenge accepted

NCHS listens to you, understands your challenges and circumstances, removes roadblocks, and points you in the right direction. Most importantly, we help you gain access to useful resources, assistance, and everything you need to be the caregiver your child needs.

Kinship Navigation

No need to go it alone

Opportunities to thrive are crucial for you and the child in your life. Children need access to counseling, therapy, and resources to help with their development. And caregivers like you need support, a map to available resources, and education on being the best caregiver you can be. Turn uncertainty into confidence in your caregiving role.

Families Forever

Families grow over time

NCHS puts children first. This means they have the same goal as you and they know, just like you know, they have to support YOU in order to help create the well-adjusted and healthy people of the future. Families are not magically made, they are purpose-built and NCHS is here to support yours.

Early Childhood Education

Happy, healthy futures

We support children and their development because families create communities. At NCHS, we pride ourselves on meeting families where they are. We’ll support you as you play an important role in your child’s life. Classes, counseling, support and education. Everything we need to build the future.

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Family Support Resources

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Circumstances shape options and our children need us to support parents and get it right. These resources can help

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You Are Not Alone

NCHS Family Support Programs have helped over 3,000 families get the resources, support, assistance, and care they need.