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Tagan Newbill

Tagan Newbill

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Our Early Childhood Team is committed to fostering a positive and engaging environment where a child’s love for learning can be cultivated, creativity is encouraged, and diversity is embraced and celebrated.

Empowering Communities Through Education

NCHS has always been passionate about helping children grow and learn in a safe environment. Every child has potential, and it is our job to help them reach it. The Early Childhood Education program is dedicated to serving the youngest members of our community.

With Early Childhood Education, You Get:

  • Expert staff with a background in education
  • Strong family support and involvement
  • Access to high-quality educational resources
  • Connections to financial aid for those in need
  • Up-to-date research-based curriculum for early childhood development
  • Provides parents with a safe place for their child to learn

Developing Children Into Successful Adults

Welcome to NCHS Early Childhood Education Center! Our centers use the research-based Creative Curriculum® and the Teaching Strategies Gold® observation-based assessment system. Our experienced teachers provide a high-quality learning environment that is tailored to meet each child’s developmental needs.

Infant Care

Quality care for the youngest children

At NCHS, we know you want to find a warm, comforting environment that offers quality care for your baby. For children aged 6 weeks to 18 months old, our Infant Care program places an emphasis on ensuring your baby receives thoughtful, nurturing attention and engagement through our team of highly experienced teachers. The Infant Care program also provides quality baby food, baby formula, and wipes.

Toddler Care

Developing crucial skills for future success

The Toddler Care program is taught by highly qualified early childhood education professionals with specialized backgrounds. The program, designed for ages 18 to 36 months, teaches toddlers to label and recognize their emotions, provides them with words to communicate their feelings, helps them to develop communication skills, and begins teaching self-help skills at an early age.


Preparing for their future educational journey

We believe that a quality kindergarten readiness program not only sets the stage for kindergarten but also prepares your child for a successful future by instilling foundational knowledge, teaching social skills, and encouraging curiosity. For children ages 3-5, our Pre-Kindergarten program focuses on developing necessary skills like, problem-solving, sharing, making friends, self-regulating emotions, and understanding and following directions.

Your Child's Health And Development Come First

We look forward to partnering with you

Our meals are freshly prepared daily and include breakfast, lunch, and afternoon snacks. Families are encouraged to attend field trips and participate in classroom activities together. Special activities are scheduled throughout the year for families to participate with their children. We also offer individual meetings on your child’s progress at any time during the year.

Let's Get Started

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Getting started with the Early Childhood Education Center at NCHS is simple. We’re a non-profit here to support your children. 

Our experienced, passionate teachers work with each child by providing hands-on exploration and experimentation through developmentally appropriate materials. Lead teachers have been with our agency for more than five years, and all teachers are highly qualified to provide early childhood education.

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Educating Tomorrow's Leaders

Become a part of our supportive family

The NCHS Early Childhood Education Program has served countless children and families. We love our work here at NCHS and know your family will too!

Early Childhood Education Uses the Following Curriculum and Models: