Post-Adoption Services

We Provide Help Along The Entire Journey

Even after adoption is finalized

At NCHS, we know that your journey doesn’t end after an adoption is finalized. There are still countless challenges families formed through adoption face and struggles birth parents experience. Our Post-Adoption Services are geared toward helping you navigate your life after an adoption is completed.

Families Forever

Strengthening your ties as a family

Families Forever is a program aimed at helping families formed through adoption or guardianship access the tools, resources, and strategies they need to adjust to their new home life and deepen their bond as a family. With community support and one-on-one support, our program helps your family cross the bridge to thriving.

Birth-Parent Support Group

Lifelong support

Our Birth-Parent Support Group is a place for birth parents to share stories, receive encouragement and support, and access educational resources alongside people who have undergone similar situations. The goal is to provide a welcoming and supportive environment for those who made a voluntary adoption plan for their child.

Post-Adoption Resources

Discover what support is available

Circumstances shape options and our children need us to support parents and get it right. These resources can help.

NCHS Fact Sheets

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You Are Not Alone

NCHS Family Support Programs have helped thousands of families get the post-adoption resources, support, assistance, and care they need.