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Teresa Frazier

She, Her, Hers

Families formed through adoption and guardianship often face unique circumstances and may feel that traditional avenues of support do not quite fit their needs. My team is here to provide personalized resources and guidance in those moments when the concept of “forever” feels daunting.

We're Here To Help

For families formed through adoption or guardianship, NCHS’s Families Forever program is here for support. Our connections to community resources, one-on-one peer support, and educational courses can help you strengthen and deepen connections and relationships within your family. We use the evidence-based “Family Check-Up” and “Everyday Parenting” models.

Families Forever Helps With

  • One-on-one parenting and family support
  • Community referrals to other services
  • Connections to mental health services
  • Helping connect you with respite options
  • Mentoring programs
  • Support groups
  • Training and classes

Creating A Safe And Loving Home

Often, families formed through adoption and guardianship face unique and unexpected challenges. Parents and guardians can frequently feel overwhelmed. Sometimes, caregivers have difficulty connecting with their children or experience trouble managing their child’s behavior. Families Forever helps provide one-on-one support and education, along with connecting you to the resources and outlets available to help you overcome the challenges facing your family. Together, you can work to enhance and strengthen your relationships.

Let Us Help You
Grow As A Family

The Families Forever team is here to help you foster strong, impactful relationships with your family. All it takes to get started is a simple phone call or email.

Support Resources

for Adoptive and Guardianship Families

Discover a range of support services in Nebraska,
from food pantries to rent and utility assistance.

Families Forever Classes

Access a centralized hub for all future Families Forever events!

The Answer Is Within You

It all starts with a call

NCHS puts children first by supporting families. Getting started with the Families Forever Services at NCHS is simple. We’re here for you as you plan for your future.

How Do You Get Started?

Just reach out to us

If you’re already searching for support, then you’re on the right path. NCHS’s Families Forever program is available to all families formed through adoption or guardianship with a child under the age of 21. Get connected to our team today by giving us a quick call or sending us an email.

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Overcoming The Challenges You Face

We're here to support you in your journey

Families Forever is ready to help you achieve your goals, reach out today to get started.

Families Forever Uses the Following Curriculum and Models: