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NCHS’s adoption services are here to help support birth-parents, adoptive parents, and individuals considering child adoption, regardless of where you are in the journey. Our team is equipped with the skills needed to help you explore your options and make the best decision for you and your child(ren).

Adopt Through NCHS

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For those interested in the adoption process, the first step involves an informational meeting to get to know our agency philosophy and processes. Then, prospective adoptive parents are invited to a sequence of training sessions where our team answers questions, passes along necessary information, and helps ensure you are ready for what the adoption process and future look like.

Considering Adoption for Your Child

Helping you prepare and plan

Are you considering choosing adoption for your child? NCHS is here to help. Our team of trained professionals can answer your questions, provide connections to resources, and help you choose the best option for you and your family. We will support you at any stage of the process, whether you choose to make an adoption plan or parent.

Post-Adoption Services

Our support doesn't stop

NCHS provides support to families and individuals, even after adoption. We cover a wide range of offerings including access to education classes and one-on-one support for birth-parents, adoptive parents, adopted children, and the entire family.

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Adoption Resources

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Regardless of how your family was formed, NCHS has the connections and resources you need to create a safe and loving home.

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NCHS Adoption have helped over 3,000 families get the resources, support, assistance, and care they need.