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Young Parent Support Program

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Young parents often feel unprepared for all the responsibilities that come with raising a child, especially if they are attempting to finish their education or enter the workforce. Whatever life you envision for yourself and your child, the Young Parent Support Program is invested in your entire family’s future.

Preparing For The Road Ahead

NCHS’s Young Parent Support Program helps teens and young parents with developing crucial skills for adulthood. Using educational classes and our supportive network, we help pregnant and parenting teens and young adults prepare for and adjust to their new responsibilities as a parent, as well as meeting their personal and family goals.

Our Teen Classes Cover Topics Like:

Teen & Young Adult Support

It’s our belief that teens and young adults need support and connections as they develop and prepare for the workforce. Through our Young Parent Support Program, these individuals have opportunities to create positive peer connections, prepare for life outside school, and succeed in the years ahead.

Develop New Skills to Succeed

Let us help you uncover your strengths

We’re confident that you have the motivation to learn how to provide a safe and loving home for the children in your care.

Ready To Get Connected?

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Getting connected to the resources and support available is easy. Simply give us a quick call, or send us an email and our team will connect you to someone who can help you on your journey. What are you waiting for? Reach out to us today!

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Start Developing The Skills You Need

Our team is here to help you along the way

Start working on developing the skills and strategies you need to thrive in the workforce as an adult. Reach out to our team and get started!

Young Parent Support Program Uses the Following Curriculum and Models: