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How Social Workers Can Support Families Considering Adoption

Find out tangible ways you can further support your clients

It’s common knowledge that social workers make a huge difference in the lives of their clients and show an unparalleled commitment to their success. Especially in emotionally charged situations like the adoption process, this support is more crucial than ever. 

Social workers are uniquely positioned to support families considering adoption for their child(ren) and help guide parents in their decision-making process. By referring families to NCHS, social workers help their clients gain access to vital resources to learn about their options and build the best plan for them. Additionally, we offer strong support networks for those choosing adoption and temporary newborn care if parents struggle to decide. Together, social workers and NCHS will allow families considering adoption to navigate the process feeling informed and empowered.

With this Guide, You Will:

  • Learn about NCHS Pregnancy, Parenting, & Adoption
  • Get informed about specific legal considerations surrounding adoption
  • Find out how you can get support from NCHS to help your clients