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A Medical Professional’s Guide to NCHS Services

See more ways to assist in supporting your patients’ overall wellness

As a medical professional, you have a unique opportunity to promote the overall well-being of your patients who are considering adoption. By understanding and respecting the life-long impacts of this decision, healthcare providers can make a positive impact on the patient’s journey.

Conversations about adoption should be standard procedure, and patients should not be assumed to have already made any decisions. Referring patients to an agency like NCHS can help patients receive support, education, and information they need to navigate the adoption process or parenting skills, stress management, and post-partum depression prevention or support. By working hand-in-hand with NCHS, medical professionals can positively impact their patients’ lives and promote better healthcare outcomes for their communities.

Medical Professional Talking to Pregnant Woman

With this Guide, You Will:

  • Learn about NCHS Pregnancy, Parenting, & Adoption
  • Get informed about specific legal considerations surrounding adoption
  • Find out how you can get support from NCHS to help your patients