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Christina Nemec

Christina Nemec, LMHP

She, Her, Hers

People come to our program feeling unsure of the next step and we are able to help them reach a place where they can feel confident in their decision and hopeful about their future.

Get The Support
You Need

Pregnancy turns the whole world upside down, whether meticulously planned or unintentional. Get education and support, learn your options, and create space to make a well-informed plan that is right for you.

How Can We Help You

    • Assistance Accessing Prenatal Care
    • Connections to Community Resources
    • Guidance and Legal Information
  • Information on Parenting and Adoption
  • Temporary Newborn Care
  • One-on-one Ongoing Support Services

There's No Need To Go It Alone

You have decisions to make, and we can walk you through your pregnancy options. Allow us to assist you during one of the most important times of your life and guide you to an outcome that works for you and your loved ones. NCHS provides free and confidential pregnancy counseling for you and your family.

We’ll be here every step of the way — before, during, and after the birth of your child.

The Answer Is Within You

It all starts with a call

NCHS puts children first by supporting families. Getting started with the Pregnancy Services at NCHS is simple. We’re here for you as you plan for your future.

What’s Next?

Reach out for support

If you’re struggling with what to do next, we can support you while you find the answer. Just pick up the phone and give us a quick call.

Prefer to email? No problem! Fill out this form. No matter how you choose to reach out, one of our specialists will respond within 24 hours.

Give Us A Call: 877.420.4747

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You Are Not Alone

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NCHS has helped thousands of families navigate unexpected pregnancies and get the resources to plan for their future.

Pregnancy, Parenting, and Adoption Uses the Following Curriculum and Models: