About NCHS

Putting Children First Since 1893

By expanding their circle of care

Ever since NCHS was founded, our principle belief has stayed the same — every child deserves access to a bright future and loving home. Over 120 years later, we remain committed to providing support for families, children, kinship caregivers, grandparents, adoptive families, and foster parents with access to community resources, support groups, and ongoing educational opportunities.

Meet Our Team

Our dedicated staff works tirelessly to connect families, parents, grandparents, kinship guardians, and children to the resources and support they need to move from surviving to thriving.

Executive Team

Lana Temple-Plotz

Chief Executive Officer

Yolanda Robinson

Chief Operations Officer

Stephanie Poncelow

Chief Financial & Resources Officer

Carly Wegner

Chief Philanthropy Officer

Kim Anderson, LMHP

Chief Program Officer

Program Directors

Christina Nemec, LMHP

Pregnancy, Parenting & Adoption Director

Michelle Moline

Foster Care & Pathways to Permanency Director

Lisa Richardson, MLC

Children & Family Center Director

Tagan Newbill

Early Childhood Education Director

Lana Temple-Plotz

Chief Executive Officer


My role is focused on keeping our organization strong by engaging a bright and committed board of directors, ensuring our employees experience a culture of community and belonging where they are motivated to do their best work and working at the state and federal level to ensure policies and practices support and strengthen families.

Board of Directors &
Foundation Directors

NCHS’s diverse board of directors represents a cross-section of our community. Each member works hard to ensure the longevity of our organization, overseeing the funds we raise to help families in need. The NCHS board of directors is also the board of directors for the NCHS Foundation (NCHSF).

Dave McCue

NCHS Board President and NCHSF Board Member

Erin Froschheiser

NCHS Board Vice President and NCHSF Board Member

Krista Eckhoff

NCHS Board Treasurer and NCHSF Board Member

Dr. Karen Rolf

NCHS Board Secretary and NCHSF Board Member

Wilson Banks III

NCHS & NCHSF Board Member

Ed Cochran

NCHS Board Member & NCHSF Board Secretary

Daisy Dai

NCHS & NCHSF Board Member

Keith Hansen

NCHS & NCHSF Board Member

Keith Hier

NCHS Board Member and NCHSF Board President

Darlene Mueller

NCHS & NCHSF Board Member

Kelli Sweet

NCHS Board Member & NCHSF Board Treasurer

Sue Weidner

NCHS Board Member & NCHSF Board Vice President

Jamel J. Hamilton

NCHS Board Member

Christine Torres

NCHS Board Member

Sarah Morris-Rotermund

NCHS Board Member

Monica Wells

NCHS Board Member

Dave McCue

NCHS Board President and NCHSF Board Member

Aon - Senior Account Executive

I serve as a Senior Account Executive for Aon. With more than 30 years of experience, my client experience helps drive positive outcomes for the NCHS Board of Directors.

NCHS Trustees

As an appointed group of individuals, our board of trustees works hard to ensure the best interests of our organization and the families and children we serve.


Troy & Jennifer Dvorak

Battle Creek

Chris & Heather Tillotson


Steve Kyser


Krista Eckhoff
James & Dr. Melinda Winterscheid


Wilson Banks


Daren & Buffy Niemeyer


Tom & Tracy Focht


Annette Dubas

Grand Island

Brad & Stephanie Kissler


Gary & Regina Anderson


Norma Oerter


Dana & Dr. Beth Ernst


Adam & Jennifer Beel


Larry & Susan Koranda

La Vista

Kelli Sweet


Blake & Kathy Collingsworth
Wendy Kyser
Keith & Mary McConnell


Jay & Brenda Fleecs

North Platte

Bart & Kim Schroll


Jim Bogus


Craig & Tonia Steel


Alan & Angela Brennan


Ed Cochran
Jason & Erin Froschheiser
Keith Hier
Dave & Lisa McCue
Randy & Darlene Mueller
Eric & Miranda Nielsen
Matt Jackson & Beth Pantano
Gary W. Radil
Dr. Karen Rolf
Tim & Sally Vandeberghe
Tony Vargas
Alan & Terri Wasmoen
Sue Weidner


Building Revenue and Awareness for Nebraska Children’s Home Society is a volunteer group of supporters who strive to build support for the children and families served by NCHS.

Wilson Banks


Union Pacific Railroad

Mike DeBoer


Lamp Rynearson

Eric Jusyk

Past President

PJ Morgan Real Estate

Katie Luther

President Elect

Shawn Lanka


Union Pacific Railroad

Kevin Vrooman


Nick Rieschl

V.P. of Finance/Treasurer

Aureus Medical Group

Kelli Sweet


Union Pacific Railroad

Russ Mills


Harun Kiani


Amanda Sudbeck



Connect With Us And Get The Support You Need

Our voluntary services are here to help.

NCHS can connect you to the community resources and support you need to overcome the barriers in your life. Together, we can ensure that each child has access to the care, resources, and love that they need to succeed,