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This program will connect you with resources and help you build skills. However, most people appreciate the consistent support system most of all. Having someone in your corner makes the challenges ahead feel more manageable.

Helping You Cross The Bridge To Thriving

Providing a loving and stable home environment is crucial for your child’s development, but financial struggles, housing insecurity, unreliable transportation, or lack of access to other essentials can threaten that stability. NCHS’s Self-Sufficiency program is here to help you address the challenges keeping you and your family from reaching your goals.

How We Can Help:

  • Coaching
  • Strategies For Managing Stress
  • One-On-One Services
  • Goal Development
  • Access Community Resources

Self-Sufficiency Support

NCHS’s voluntary self-sufficiency program offers ongoing flexible support including one-on-one services to help nurture and guide you in your journey toward becoming self-sufficient. Get started today on working towards achieving your personal goals and financial security.

Start Your Journey to Become Self-Sufficient

Let our Self-Sufficiency team help guide you to becoming successful at supporting the children in your lives.

The Answer Is Within You

Let us help you get started

NCHS puts children first by supporting families. Getting started with the Self-Sufficiency Services at NCHS is simple. We’re here for you as you plan for your future.

Are You Ready To Start?

Here's what you can do

All it takes to get started is giving us a quick call or sending a simple email. Our team will connect you with one of our self-sufficiency coaches, so we can get started on creating a plan for you and your family. Don’t wait, get in touch with us today!

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To learn more about our program or get enrolled, contact one of our self-sufficiency coaches.

Self-Sufficiency Uses the Following Curriculum and Models: