Parents and Babies

Helping You Navigate Pregnancy And Parenthood

Pregnancy and parenthood can be challenging. Many challenges often go undiscussed, from the physical aspects, like pregnancy symptoms, to emotional struggles such as anxiety or mood swings. With this interactive curriculum, we’re bringing these topics to the forefront by offering support and education to help you successfully navigate pregnancy and the early days of parenthood.

We cover topics such as:
  • Managing Stress Levels
  • Strategies For Dealing With Postpartum Depression
  • Navigating A Healthy Pregnancy
  • Bonding With Your Baby
  • Mindfulness & Communication Practices
  • Nurturing Your Baby’s Development
  • Reading & Understanding The Signs Your Body Is Sending You

We’re here to help you throughout the course of your pregnancy and beyond.

Let NCHS help you take the first step in developing constructive strategies and approaches to caring for yourself and your baby. To learn more about Pregnancy Services or about how to bring the Parents and Babies curriculum to your community contact us today.