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Raising Your Grandchildren

Melissa Godfrey

She, Her, Hers

Grandparents and skipped generation caregivers often feel alone as they embark on raising children a second-time around. If you are caring for young relatives and feel like no one understands your challenges, we are here for you with education, resources, and support.

Meeting You Where You Are

Through our offerings of educational classes and group support, we work to help individuals discover the strengths and skills they have within themselves and capitalize on these strengths when it comes to creating and maintaining relationships.

Topics Our Program Covers:

  • Blessings and losses
  • Child growth and development
  • Fostering healthy attachments
  • Keeping your grandchildren safe and secure
  • Nurturing yourself and your grandchildren
  • Understanding children’s behaviors

Raising Your Grandchildren

As a grandparent taking care of your grandchild, it can be difficult to put your own needs first. NCHS’s Raising Your Grandchildren program aims to help grandparents balance the demands of caring for children with their own well-being.

You Have All The Skills
You Need To Succeed

We’re confident that you have the skills and capabilities needed to provide a safe and loving home for the children in your care. Let our team help you uncover your strengths and deepen your support network with our community connections.

The Answer Is Within You

It all starts with a call

NCHS puts children first by supporting families. Getting started with the Raising Your Grandchildren Services at NCHS is simple. We’re here for you as you plan for your future.

How Can You Get Signed Up?

Just reach out to our team

If you’re interested in getting enrolled in our program, register online, or give us a quick call or email. One of our team members will connect you with someone who will help you get the kind of support you need.

Give Us A Call: 402.451.0787

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You Certainly Are Not Alone

There's an entire community of support out there

In the U.S., there are an estimated 2.7 million children being raised by their grandparents. Enroll in our program today to access the support groups and resources you need to succeed!