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How the Core Issue of Grief Impacts the Entire Adoption Constellation

Addressing the profound impact of grief for birth parents, adoptive parents, and children who have been adopted.

Embarking on an adoption journey introduces complex layers of emotions, not least of which is the universal yet often overlooked issue of grief. Everyone involved – birth parents, adoptive parents, and children who have been adopted – has their own set of challenges when it comes to dealing with loss and grief.

Getting through these emotional ups and downs takes a lot of heart, care, and the right kind of help. That’s exactly why we put together our guide, “Navigating Grief in the Adoption Constellation.” Brought to you by the NCHS’ Families Forever program, this guide gets into all the complex feelings that come with adoption, giving you tips and tricks to handle them with grace.

Young mom embracing and calming her child while he in bad mood or upset feelings

Inside the guide, you'll discover:

  • Insightful strategies for each member of the adoption constellation to cope with grief.
  • How open communication can strengthen relationships and aid the healing process.
  • Practical tips for creating a nurturing and understanding environment for all involved.