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Post-Adoption Services

Once an adoption is complete, our offerings transition to post-adoption services – with educational, counseling and support opportunities for birth parents, adoptive parents and the entire family.


Birth-Parent Support Group

Birth Parent Support Group is a place where birth parents can share, laugh, cry and receive encouragement, education and support. Our goal is to provide a welcoming and supportive environment for all birth parents who have made a voluntary adoption plan for their child. These meetings are held in different locations and times across the state.

Post-Adoption Mental Health

Clinical Counseling Services are available through our Post-Adoption Services Center, housed at our Joshua Collingsworth Center in Lincoln, Nebraska. Any family formed through adoption is eligible for these services.

Right Turn®

In 2009, Lutheran Family Services of Nebraska and Nebraska Children’s Home Society joined together to create Right Turn. Our collaborative program provides help to families who have adopted or entered into a guardianship. It serves all Nebraska adoptive families – including international, domestic infant, private, step-parent and foster adoptive families. Contact

Transracial Adoptees Support Group

This group offers a space for adults, who were adopted by parents of a different race than their own, to share their stories and experiences, learn about resources in their area, and connect with other adopted persons. This group is currently held at our Lincoln office and is facilitated by one of our Licensed Independent Mental Health Practitioners, who is also certified through C.A.S.E. in Training for Adoption Competency.

Search Services

Search Services

For an adopted person searching for his or her birth parents, as well as for birth parents searching for their children, Nebraska Children’s Home Society is required by law to serve as an intermediary. Our goal is to walk adopted people through this complicated process, acquiring the necessary permissions and following the necessary steps. Whether you’re searching for genealogical, medical or other personal reasons, we’re ready to help you get started. We love to hear reunion stories too!

To receive assistance with your search journey, please complete this brief form.

If you’d prefer to give us a call, please contact Kim Schenkelberg, Post-Adoption Services Specialist, at 402.451.0787.


Kim Schenkelberg
Post-Adoption Services Specialist

Chris Baker
Transracial Adoptee Group, Post-Adoption Therapist

Briana Woodside
Pregnancy, Parenting & Adoption Director

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