Splash into Summer Safely guide

Splash into Summer Safely: A Guide to Water Adventures

Get ready for a season of fun in the sun with our fun guide to water safety!

Whether you’re playing at the pool or making a splash in your backyard, our guide covers the basics to make your family’s water adventures both safe and enjoyable. We believe in empowering our tadpoles with the right water wisdom, helping them confidently dive into their aquatic escapades safely. For more tips and support to keeping your family healthy and happy year-round, reach out to us at hfa@nchs.org or call 402.451.0787.

Remember, it’s not just a summer thing, it’s an all-year-round superhero skill.

Child in a swimming pool with pink goggles

By downloading our printable, you’ll be encouraged to think more about:

  • Ways to maintain a balance between fun and safety in the water
  • Signs of exhaustion in kids that everyone can keep an eye out for 
  • Setting clear boundaries around water that are easy to follow