What to Expect During Your Pregnancy: NCHS’ Pregnancy Journal

Mindfully approach your pregnancy journey

There’s no life change quite like experiencing pregnancy. Between the physical, emotional, and hormonal changes, having to keep track of doctor’s visits, and your mental health, pregnant women are usually not strangers to being overwhelmed.

Our Pregnancy Journal consolidates the valuable information you need to know as you progress through pregnancy, noting things like what you can expect to be feeling, when you should schedule pertinent doctor’s appointments, and even a sizing chart to measure your growth during pregnancy. Plus, our impactful journal prompts allow you to give your mental health the time and attention it deserves during this life-changing experience.

With this Pregnancy Journal, You Will:

  • Get an overview of expected pregnancy symptoms by trimester
  • Find out the size of your fetus as time progresses
  • Receive recommendations for when necessary appointments and check-ups should be scheduled
  • Be able to take notes on your journey with multiple journal prompts to help guide your self-reflection