Navigating the Core Issues of Adoption: A Guide to Understanding Loss

Achieve emotional safety for the adoption constellation

Adoption is a beautiful and life-changing journey for parents and children. However, navigating the complexities of adoption can also come with its own set of unique challenges. At the heart of these challenges are the seven core issues of adoption. These issues can be highly personal and emotional, and they can profoundly impact the lives of everyone in the adoption constellation.

Loss, the first core issue, is a key experience felt by those in the adoption constellation. When a child is adopted, it is not only the birth parents who suffer a loss but the adoptive parents and the child themselves. Navigating these intense feelings of loss can be incredibly challenging, but understanding this core issue is vital to creating a supportive and healthy adoption environment.

Families Forever, a program of NCHS, is passionate about helping families navigate the complexities of adoption while offering compassionate support. We’ve developed a specialized guide, An Adoption Constellation’s Guide to Core Issues: Navigating Loss.

Here’s why you should download our guide:

  • Discover a better understanding of the complex emotional challenges involved in adoption.
  • Learn strategies to manage the impact of loss felt by everyone in the adoption constellation.
  • Gain valuable insights and tools to help you navigate your adoption journey with compassion and inclusivity.