Foster Care

Support Your Community In Being A Foster Parent

Be the difference in a family's life.

In Nebraska alone, more than 6,000 children are in the foster care system.

Children in foster care need safe and loving care until they can rejoin their family, as well as the support that comes from a caring parent. As a foster parent, you can make an immeasurable impact in the lives of these families, helping them thrive during a particularly difficult time.

We Help You With:

  • 24/7 One-On-One Support
  • Assigned Dedicated Foster Care Specialist
  • Support Groups
  • Pre-Service Training
  • Ongoing Training
  • Access To Community Resources
  • Financial Reimbursement

Helping You Plan And Prepare

The road to becoming a foster parent takes time, patience, and preparation. At NCHS, we work to ensure you and your family feel well-educated and supported along every step of the journey, so you can be confident that when you consider becoming a foster parent, you are ready to help make a positive impact in a family’s life.  

Steps To Becoming A Foster Family

Supporting you at every stage

NCHS’s foster care team is ready to help you in your foster care journey. At every step of the process, you can count on us to support you and connect you to the resources you need to succeed. For more information on how to get started and the steps you need to take, reach out to our foster care team.

Asian mother. with children

An Emphasis On Mutual Selection

A truly collaborative process

The foster care process requires education, trust, and collaboration at every stage in the process. NCHS acts as a mediator, connecting potential foster parents and parents with their children in foster care. Once you’ve met, we can work together to see if you mutually select each other as a match. At NCHS, we believe it is integral for all parties to be involved in the process.

We Will Support You In This Journey

Explore the possibility

Our foster care team is well-equipped with the information and strategies you need to explore options on becoming a foster care parent. Together, we can ensure you have access to the resources and support you need to provide safe and loving care for every child and their family.

What’s Next?

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Foster Care Resources

Learn more about foster care

You have the chance to make a big difference in a family’s life. Let us connect you to the resources available to help you explore options on this journey.

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You Are Not Alone

NCHS Foster Care Programs have helped over 3,000 families get the resources, support, assistance, and care they need.