Home. You’ve helped countless children find theirs.

When children have no one, you’ve built families from the ground up, connecting them with loving parents and supportive communities. And when a child’s home is threatened by instability and conflict, you are there to help that family find the missing pieces and build something stronger.

Lauren longed for that kind of home. She wanted the modest apartment she shared with her boyfriend and three-year old son, Luke, to be a place of refuge, where they could make fond memories and dream of their future.

She wanted to welcome her unborn daughter into the warm embrace of that kind of home.

But, it seemed like another dream she would never realize. She no longer believed that one day her boyfriend would stop hurting her.

Your compassionate heart feels for those who despair. Your generous hand extends to those who feel abandoned. And your gifts rebuild homes that crumble under the weight of physical and emotional abuse.

When Lauren’s doctor recommended the NCHS Healthy Families America® home visitation program to support a healthy pregnancy, she was hesitant to invite a new person into her life. Knowing it would be good for her children, she ultimately decided to take the chance.

In her early meetings with her home visitor, Emily, Lauren maintained the appearance of a happy home. Together, they discussed her pregnancy and practiced socialization skills with Luke. The visits became a high point of Lauren’s week because when Emily was there, she felt less isolated.

The day she finally opened up to Emily started like any other visit. Emily brought a doll for Luke to practice interacting with his baby sister. Lauren looked on in horror as Luke began to hit the doll. In that moment, she realized that despite everything she had done to shield Luke, she could never fully protect him.

The words came tumbling out of her mouth before Lauren could stop them. Rather than being met with judgment for remaining in an abusive relationship, Emily responded calmly and compassionately.  Your generosity ensured that when Lauren was ready to speak, she had someone to listen.

While Lauren was paralyzed by fear, Emily was armed with resources to help her take action. Together, they planned for the next steps, from housing to employment to transportation, to ensure that Lauren and her children would never be driven back into danger by desperation.

And when Lauren was finally ready to escape, she knew she was not leaving alone. Emily was there. You were too.

Lauren made the brave choice to leave because you made her feel safe taking those shaky first steps towards independence. Your gift now helps her to continue building the home her children need.

It takes time to achieve stability and become self-sufficient after leaving domestic violence. Your gift today gives families like Lauren’s that precious time.