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Child Permanency

One key way Nebraska Children’s Home Society puts children first is by working with families to achieve safe, permanent homes for children of all ages. We approach the permanency process using a variety of proven models, while recognizing that every child and family is unique.


Family Finding

Nebraska Children’s Home Society utilizes the Family Finding model, developed by youth permanency expert Kevin Campbell. Campbell’s model seeks to “connect each child with a family, so that every child may benefit from the lifelong connections that only a family provides.” The process identifies relatives and other supportive adults who are willing to become permanent connections for him or her.

3-5-7 Model®

When working with families on their path to permanency, we seek to listen to the stories of families and children, and encourage them to listen to one another. The 3-5-7 Model® incorporates 3 tasks, 5 conceptual questions and 7 interpersonal skill elements to assist family members in their work of grieving and building relationships.

The 3-5-7 Model® takes the “guesswork” or the “we hope it works” approach out of permanency decision making.

Child-Focused Recruitment

Child-Focused Recruitment matches a child’s special strengths and needs to families best suited to meet those needs. We are looking for families with patience, kindness and perseverance who are willing to open their hearts and homes to a child waiting for a forever family.

To learn about children in Nebraska waiting for a permanent home, visit the Nebraska Heart Gallery.

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Kim Arkfeld
Permanency Coordinator

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