Foster Care

Creating safety and permanency

The Foster care process requires trust, education, and collaboration. And that’s the case whether you’re going to become a foster parent or you’re a parent whose child lives in a foster home. Nebraska Children’s Home Society is proud to be a foster care facilitator, uniting foster parents with the children and adolescents who need them, and ensuring that the children’s parents stay involved, connected, and satisfied with the care their children receive.

Foster Care services:

Family Preparation and Support

As families and individuals prepare to move forward with foster care, we provide a variety of services to ensure children receive loving care in a safe environment from people they trust — and that the caregivers feel informed and supported.

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Child Permanency

One key way Nebraska Children’s Home Society puts children first is by working with families to achieve safe, permanent homes for children of all ages.

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Our Foster Care Program

Our foster care philosophy is based on the idea that all parties involved – parents, foster parents and the professionals at Nebraska Children’s Home Society – are integral to the child’s well-being and should work together for the best possible outcome.

The Foster Care program at Nebraska Children’s Home Society provides temporary care for children who are working towards reunifying with their family.

Nebraska Children’s Home Society foster families provide a safe and loving home to children and also support and mentor a child’s parents and extended family members. If struggles cannot be resolved through temporary foster care placement, other permanency options for the child’s future are explored. Children needing care include teens learning independence, large sibling groups and children with special medical and developmental needs.

Benefits of Fostering a Child

So many of our foster families experience numerous benefits – from knowing they’ve made a difference in the life of a child and the community as a whole, to personal growth and expanded awareness for their families.

Becoming a Foster Parent

The first step to becoming a foster parent is to contact us to arrange a time to meet with you and explain the foster care licensing process.

After getting to know each other, we can mutually determine if we are a match. If we decide to move forward, you’ll enroll in our foster parent classes.

Foster care training is designed to educate families on the unique issues related to caring for children that have experienced the trauma of being removed from their caretakers. This training will equip families with the skills needed to provide children in foster care with a safe, stable, and nurturing home.

Individuals interested in becoming foster parents through Nebraska Children’s Home Society must be 21 years old and complete the minimum requirements for becoming a foster parent:

  • Background checks with local, state, and national law enforcement; Adult Protective Services, Child Protection Services, Department of Motor Vehicles and Sex Offender Registry.
  • 12-week foster parent training class.
  • An in-depth home study.

If you’d like to learn more about becoming a foster parent, please complete the form below, call 402.659.9996 or email

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