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The hardest, most rewarding job you’ll ever have.

Being a parent is an 18-year commitment to care for and nurture a child. On one side, it requires dedication, patience and sacrifice. On the other hand, there’s the warmth of cuddling with a baby, proudly watching as a toddler takes a first step, or tearfully taking your little one to school for the first time.

What to Consider

Raising a child changes your life. Every decision you make now affects you and your child. These are just some things for you to think about when considering parenting:

  • How will a child change my everyday lifestyle?
  • Where do I plan on living with my child?
  • After my child is born, who will be responsible for my personal needs, laundry, baby clothing and diapers, baby food and formula, medical costs, babysitting costs, and living expenses?
  • Who are my support systems?
  • What are my alternatives?

We can help you identify and evaluate all your alternatives. We have confidential, professional resources to help you sort through this decision. Our caseworkers will provide education and support to you for a lifetime.

What are initial expenses of raising a child?

It is important for you to take into account all the expenses when making the parenting decision. According to, raising a child during the first year can be around $13,000. Because the cost of a child depends on a variety of factors, it is important for you to understand what your expenses will be. Essential baby costs include:

  • Baby clothing and bedding
  • Diapers
  • Formula and/or Feeding equipment
  • Living expenses
  • Transportation & car seat
  • Childcare/Daycare
  • Towels and toiletries
  • High chair/Stroller/Crib
  • Medical check-ups
  • Babysitter fees

Figuring out baby expenses can be confusing, frustrating and overwhelming. Luckily, we’re here and ready to help you find your way through.
How can NCHS help?

We can help you put together your parenting plan and provide information, support, and resources throughout the entire parenting process. Call us today to start working toward a great life for your child and you.

Parenting services offered:

  • Material support (baby supplies, clothes, equipment, etc.)
  • Parenting classes
  • Connections to resources available in your community
  • Newborn care classes
  • Mentoring

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