Home Safety Tips For You And Your Children

By KYLEE RYERS Injuries from accidents that happen at home are the biggest threat to the health and life of children. While 3.4 million children are treated for injuries as a result of an [...]

Transforming lives with your support

Your support is changing lives like Diana’s Diana and her brother were subjected to physical and emotional abuse from their mother and other adults in their house. It was anything but safe and [...]

Helping Your Child Battle Sleep Problems

By KYLEE RYERS School-aged children in America get an average of 9.5 hours of sleep, despite the fact that experts recommend 10-11, according to the National Sleep Foundation. This is a matter [...]

Summer water safety For children

By KYLEE RYERS Just because Nebraska is inland, doesn’t mean that there aren’t beautiful beaches and lakes that are great fun for all the family. Just think of the stunning Lake McConaughy in [...]

Psychological Triggers of Childhood Obesity

By KYLEE RYERS Obesity affects 17% of children and adolescents in the US; a figure which is three times the prevalence of the previous generation. This is a serious health concern because obesity [...]

Encouraging Your Child’s Artistic Talent

By KYLEE RYERS As your child grows up, it is important to encourage creative skills like painting and drawing. They can not only produce beautiful pictures to be proud of, but studies have shown [...]

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