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Adoption Agency | Nebraska Children's Home SocietyWe are now recruiting newborn care providers for the Lincoln, Nebraska area.

Newborn care providers serve an essential role in ensuring safe and loving care for babies while their parents make the necessary arrangements for their child’s future. Providers care for an infant for a few days up to a few weeks while the child’s parents finalize a permanency plan.

A modest monthly reimbursement is given to providers to help offset the basic costs of care e.g. food, clothing, transportation, and daily needs.

If you are interested in becoming a newborn care provider, please contact Chelsea McCoy at or 402.699.8745

Provider Requirements 

  • Complete a home study through NCHS. The home study consists of training, multiple in-person meetings with our specialists, completion of background checks, and a visit to the family’s home. The home study is updated annually. There is no guarantee of approval.
  • Full care of the newborn. Third-party childcare is not an option during this time period. Stay-at-home parenting is ideal in this role.
  • Provide transportation for the infant to medical appointments or get-togethers with the parents so they are able to spend time with their child
  • Compliance with confidentiality guidelines
  • CPR/First Aid certification
  • Maintain regular communication with NCHS. NCHS will regularly visit the child in the provider’s home.
  • Newborn care providers will not be considered as a permanency option if a plan for adoption is being made by the child’s biological parents.

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