Your support helped Ellie make a plan

Your support has been the light for the children and families we serve, now and for the past 127 years. Because of you, youth like Ellie received safe and loving care during times of greatest [...]

May is National Foster Care Month

May is National Foster Care Month, a time to recognize and celebrate the foster parents, volunteers, mentors, organizations, policymakers, and most importantly, the children in the foster care [...]

Children are reuniting with families because of your support!

Children are reuniting with families because of your support! With your help, we’re continuing to build strong family connections for children like Tina, Adam, and Rachel* who have overcome [...]

Tackling Fall Gifts For Kids – Without Eating Into Your Holiday Budget

A survey of parents conducted by T. Rowe Price found that 62% of parents agreed that they spent more money on gifts for their children than their budget allowed for. Holiday gifting is an [...]

Care for newborns. We need you!

We are now recruiting newborn care providers for the Lincoln, Nebraska area. Newborn care providers serve an essential role in ensuring safe and loving care for babies while their parents make [...]

Natural Relief For Children Prone To Tension Headaches

Guest Contributor AMY FLETCHER Roughly 20% of 5-17 year-olds in the US are prone to headaches. The National Headache Foundation estimates that 15% of these children are susceptible to tension [...]

Helping Families With Special Needs During A Public Health Crisis

By AMY FLETCHER There have been more than 7,000 confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Nebraska to date. As the disease is highly infectious, parents of children with special health care needs have been [...]

COVID-19 Response

You, along with many others in our community, are likely experiencing some form of disruption in your routine. The  coronavirus has upended many of our lives whether it be school, work or our [...]

5 Inexpensive Ways to Entertain Your Kids This Spring

Guest Contributor Amy Fletcher 1 in 3 parents has lied about their child’s age to save money on family activities, such as a trip to the cinema, according to NerdWallet. This is unsurprising as [...]

Helping A Child With Learning Disabilities Make Friends

Guest Contributor Amy Fletcher Studies have found that only 18% of friendships are reciprocated in children with learning disabilities. As a result of having so few friends, children with [...]

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