Nebraska Children’s Home Society Strategic Plan

Nebraska Children’s Home Society (NCHS) is a private, nonprofit agency with eight locations across the state. NCHS has been putting children first for 127 years. The founding of NCHS was part of a national movement that resulted in the founding of Children’s Home Societies in 36 states between 1883 and 1916. NCHS was chartered in 1893, a time of economic hardship and upheaval for many.

Although the challenges have changed over the years, children still come into the world vulnerable and facing risks. NCHS continually evaluates and adjusts services to address children’s needs. As a mature organization, NCHS is ready to make bold strides to serve children and families like never before.

In a comprehensive sustainability planning process spanning over the course of a year, we’ve engaged our team, those we serve, service partners, investors, the Board, Trustees and key stakeholders to come together to assess and deepen the Nebraska Children’s Home Society’s approach to its work and the commitment to our mission. This included an examination of current service offerings, historical and current financial sustainability, and fundraising effectiveness.

This work illuminated seven issues critical to the continued success and sustainability of NCHS, and when achieved, will allow Nebraska Children’s Home Society to expand our life-changing work to children and families across the state.

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Strategic Priorities

Strategic Aspirations


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COVID-19 has changed the way we are serving families, but we continue to serve.Learn more about our response and how you can help.