Serving the youngest among us.

At Nebraska Children’s Home Society, we’re focused on educating children and families, facilitating adoption, supporting foster parents and children, and walking beside families through every need and stage. Since our earliest days, children have been our inspiration and our central priority.

Putting children first since 1893

In 1883, the Children’s Home Society movement ignited a flame that would soon spread across the country. The national non-profit was founded on providing a broad spectrum of child-focused services, advocating for the well-being of children everywhere, and influencing public policy in favor of society’s youngest members.

Dr. E.P. Quivey, a chaplain at the Iowa State Reformatory, brought that mission to Nebraska, 10 years later. Through his experiences, he believed that the problems young boys at the Reformatory faced would be solved by placing them in decent homes. Quivey and his wife became affiliated with the national organization, and their work began.

Despite early struggles and societal changes, the Quivey’s organization thrived. On February 1, 1924, Nebraska Children Home Society opened its first building, a “receiving station” for children to receive temporary care while waiting for a permanent home. In 1984, the first greater Nebraska office was opened in Scottsbluff.

Today, Nebraska Children’s Home Society continues to facilitate adoptions and provide foster care, but our services have expanded to serve children and families in dozens of other ways. Our founding Receiving Station has transformed into the Children & Family Center and we serve families across Nebraska. We remain committed to ensuring homes are healthy, happy, and supportive for children to thrive.


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COVID-19 has changed the way we are serving families, but we continue to serve.Learn more about our response and how you can help.