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1 in 3 parents has lied about their child’s age to save money on family activities, such as a trip to the cinema, according to NerdWallet. This is unsurprising as the cost of keeping kids entertained is growing year-on-year. Now that spring is here, you’re sure to want to spend some quality time together as a family, but there’s no need to lie or worry about the cost when you opt to do one of these activities.

Make & Fly A Kite | Family Time | Nebraska Children's Home SocietyMake & fly a kite

Kite flying is a great activity for kids as it gets them moving, forces them to concentrate, and builds their hand-eye coordination. You don’t need to spend money on a kite, either, as your kids can make their own with a plastic bag, string, two sticks, scissors, and ribbon. Get every member of the family to make their own kite, so that when you get outside you can hold a friendly competition on who can fly their kite the highest.

Go on a scenic drive

Nebraska is home to some beautiful scenic drives, including Loup Rivers Scenic Byway and Heritage Highway. On a spring day, you’re sure to spot plenty of wild animals and flowers blooming on a drive down these roads, where you can take some great photos as a family to produce a scrapbook when you get back home. As these routes are hundreds of miles long, you’ll need a reliable set of wheels. This could be a used or a new vehicle but, either way, consider a raised vehicle, such as an SUV, so that your kids get the best view.

Head to the beach

There’s so much for kids to do at the beach, including going for a paddle, making sandcastles, shell collecting, and drawing in the sand. Plus, research shows that sand play is great for a child’s physical, cognitive, and social skills, so it will benefit their development, too. Be sure to pack a picnic and you won’t have to pay out for any food other than ice creams, making it the perfect inexpensive family-friendly day out. 

Get painting

If your fence, shed, or the exterior of your house needs a  lick of paint, then getting the kids involved is a good way to keep them occupied this spring. Painting is good for a child’s mobility skills and it will get the entire family working together to complete a task. Don’t worry, if you haven’t got anything that needs painting, as kids can ‘paint’ the house or the patio with a bucket of water and a paintbrush and have just as much fun.

Do some gardening

If you’re looking for an activity that will keep your kids entertained all spring than gardening is ideal. Giving them their own seeds to plant and plants to water and feed will provide them with responsibility and a sense of achievement. You could opt for easy-to-grow plants, such as violets or hollyhocks. Alternatively, get your kids to grow their own fruit and vegetables as this will teach them about health, and you could find that your little ones start eating more fruit and veg. One study found that children were more than twice as likely to eat 5 portions of homegrown produce than kids who were offered shop-bought items.

There’s no need to spend a fortune entertaining your kids this spring as there are plenty of activities that they’ll love doing which cost next to nothing. So the next time, you’re looking for a fun activity for your children to participate in, make sure you turn to one of these ideas.




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